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Supplies for Tree Growers, Nurseries & Vineyards

August 17, 2012

Shearing Knives

Brushking® makes exceptionally light, well-balanced knives that do a lot of the work for you.  Handles are made of high-strength maple wood and blades are 1×16 inch German stainless steel blades that really take an edge and hold it.  This knife is a favorite among tree farmers nationwide.


Shearing Chaps

Terra Tech’s shearing chaps are made here in Eugene, Oregon… MADE IN THE USA!  These chaps offer superior leg protection against injuries caused by shearing knives.  Five layers of high-density ballistic nylon are sandwiched between two layers of heavy-duty, water-repellent Cordura® and a layer of lightweight oxford cloth.  All edges are finished with nylon binding.  Three Velcro® straps in back give full tension adjustment.  A single nylon strap and metal buckle attach to your belt and secure the chap in place.  For full benefit and range of motion, allow the chap to loosely fit your leg.



Whether your application is staking rigid seedling protection tubes, staking young trees or plants in a nursery setting, straightening the tops on your Christmas trees, or designing a unique landscape or garden, the benefits of using natural bamboo stakes can be realized for years to come.

Terra Tech’s bamboo stakes are strong, have thick walls and are rot resistant.  These stakes are hand polished and have a smooth surface that resists penetration from rain, disease and fungi.

For staking rigid seedling protection tubes, we recommend the 2 ½’, 3’ or 4’ bamboo, depending on the height of your tubes.  For the taller 30” and 36” tubes, the 4’ 10-12mm will provide the best installation, especially if only one stake is used.

For staking young trees or other plants and flowers, carefully insert a stake into the soil near the plant.  Secure the top of the plant to the stake with a non-girdling tie or Max tie tape.

Bamboo stakes are perfect for straightening Christmas tree tops.  Cut the bamboo to any length desired with a pair of hand pruners and secure to the top with Max tie tape.


Tie Tape & Max Tapener

Max vinyl tie tape is used to secure the tops of plants, flowers, grapes and trees to bamboo stakes and other support systems.  Christmas tree growers can’t get enough of this tape!  Each roll is green, ½ inch wide, 8 mm thick and 150 feet long.  We sell these rolls individually, in packs of 12 or boxes of 96.

This tape is perfectly suited for the Max Tapener® tape gun, which is an amazing device for tying up new leaders.  It does in seconds what normally takes minutes!  Tree growers tell us that one person tying with the Max Tapener® takes the place of four people!



To order your supplies click on the links below or call us at 800-321-1037.

Shearing Knives:  5 1/2″ Handle    10″ Handle    18″ Handle

Shearing Chaps:  Shearing Chaps

Bamboo:  2′ 10-12mm    3′ 10-12mm    4′ 10-12mm    6′ 15-17mm

Tie Tape & Max Tapener:  Tie Tape  Max Tapener

Happy Growing!

Terra Tech Team

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